The evolution of women’s sport in the Italian suburbs.

The evolution of women's sport in the Italian suburbs - Cornacchia World Cup case study, from the community to the world
Domovip Porcia Polisportiva San Giorgio in Parlamento a Roma

The evolution of women’s sport in the Italian suburbs – Cornacchia World Cup case study, from the community to the world. This is the title of the conference in the Sala Regina of Palazzo Montecitorio, with protagonist the Cornacchia World Cup hosting club Polisportiva San Giorgio of Porcia.

The speakers were: the Deputy Emanuele Loperfido, the director of Domovip Porcia Tiziano Cornacchia, the international manager of the Cornacchia World Cup Matteo Cornacchia, the National President of the CSI Vittorio Bosio and the first female coach in the Italian women’s volleyball Serie A Simonetta Avalle.

The Roman coach spoke with great enthusiasm about when, at our tournament in Porcia, to make understand to their players the value of the group, she called out one of her athletes for having taken an ice cream alone, unfortunately making her cry, but certainly understanding the lesson, since that athlete was Manuela Leggeri.

During the conference, many topics were explored in depth, with particular attention to the need to reopen through sport instead of creating further barriers between people and populations, as well as demonstrating how physical activity is not only an element of social emancipation, but also of national development through more aware citizens. A great focus was also on the memory of Ferruccio Cornacchia who, through his vision, started the integration process which led a small local community, where women’s sport was still practically non-existent, to now be a meeting point of global scale.

The youth sector of the Polisportiva San Giorgio attended the conference and in the afternoon established a partnership with Seven Volley Roma with a volleyball tournament.

This highly prestigious occasion not only for Porcia and its sports club, but for volleyball in general, bringing women’s sport into the Sala Regina of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, was possible thanks to the President of the Equal Opportunities Commission of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Dusolina Marcolin.

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