Ranking of Cornacchia World Cup #41 – April 2023

Final rankings and individual awards of Cornacchia World Cup #41 / April 2023 / international volleyball tournament of Pordenone


Opening Ceremony
Matches / Awards


01) Italy National Team
02) Egypt National Team
03) Modena Volley
04) Germany National Team A
05) Norway National Team
06) Spain National Team
07) Kioene Padova
08) Itas Trentino
09) Germany National Team B
10) ARGE Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
11) Kosmos Volley
12) Tinet Prata
13) YYC Eagles (USA)
14) TSV Mühldorf Jumpstars (Germany)
15) BEFeD Bassano Volley
16) Volley Team Club srl
17) Haasrode Leuven (Belgium)
18) Niagara 4 Torri
19) Pool Prealpi Motta
20) ValsuAstra
21) Hessen (Germany)
22) NTG Tromso (Norway)
23) Boswell School (England)
24) MKE Sting (USA)

Best Player
Lorenzo Magliano (Italy National Team)

Best Hitter
Hamza Hamdi Elsafy Abdelhakam Awad (Egypt National Team)

Best Middle Hitter
Lorenzo Menichini (Italy National Team)

Best Libero
Luca Loreti (Italy National Team)

Best Setter
Yassin Khaled Mohamed Fathalla Hassan (Egypt National Team)


02) Argentario Trento
03) Germany National Team
04) Egypt National Team
05) Officina del Volley – Thermal
06) Cappella Maggiore
07) Volley Academy Zurich (Zwitzerland)
08) System Volley FVG
09) Basilisco Rotalvolley
10) Northern Lights (USA)
11) Madeira Torres (Portugal)
12) NTG Tromso (Norway)
13) SL Benfica (Portugal)
14) Fox Volley Ottica Regal
15) Haasrode Leuven (Belgium)
16) Richmond (England)
17) Boswell School (England)
18) Arboricolturanordest Aquila Spilimbergo
19) ACE (Canada)
20) NW Elite 18 Gold (USA)
21) C. A. da Madalena (Portugal)
22) AJMFCP (Portugal)
23) CSM Timisoara (Romania)
24) SAAC Grizzlies (Canada)

Best Player
Jessica Fabbo (CFV)

Best Hitter
Isabel Menini (CFV)

Best Middle Hitter
Michela Fregonese (CFV)

Best Libero
Gaia Bissolo (Argentario)

Best Setter
Serena Feltrin (CFV)


1: Switzerland National Team
2: Tinet Prata
3: Latvia National Team
4: Verona Volley
5: Niagara 4 Torri
6: AAS Mamede A (Portugal)
7: Agorà Volley
8: Pool Prealpi Motta
9: HotVolleys Wien (Austria)
10: Microtools Pallavolo Bologna
11: Pallavolo Portogruaro
12: La Piave Volley
13: Billa Volley
14: Futura Cordenons
15: Dragons Volley
16: AAS Mamede B (Portugal)

Best Player
Andrin Kolb (Switzerland National Team)

Best Hitter
Flynn Decke (Switzerland National Team)

Best Middle Hitter
Emile Schwotzer (Switzerland National Team)

Best Libero
Elias Auer (Switzerland National Team)

Best Setter
Marco Favretto (Tinet Prata)


1: Slovenia National Team
2: Spain National Team
3: Sosus
4: ASD Eurovolleyschool
5: Volley Istra Pula (Croatia)
6: Hessen (Germany)
7: Virtus Pallavolo Trieste
8: Domovip Porcia
9: Argentario Trento
10: Madeira Torres (Portugal)
11: US Cordenons
12: Gis Sacile
13: Leixoes B (Portugal)
14: Leixoes A (Portugal)
15: AAS Mamede (Portugal)
16: Pool Motta Meduna

Best Player
Emi Juric (Slovenia National Team)

Best Hitter
Renata Dogliotti di Savoia (Spain National Team)

Best Middle Hitter
Aura Suarez Llopis (Spain National Team)

Best Libero
Mellere Evelyn (Sosus)

Best Setter
Emy Pockar (Slovenia National Team)

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