Angelo Frigoni: Cornacchia World Cup reminds me of the Olympics

Italy U21 is World Champion! Coach Angelo Frigoni talks about Cornacchia World Cup during an interview 'it reminds me of the Olympics'
Pordenone sports hall during Cornacchia World Cup final with Italy national team U19 volleyball

“The first thing I thought about when I came here to see this place, where all the teams meet and eat together, it was the Olympics. It came to my mind straight away. I’ve been to 3 of them and this really looks like an Olympic village, with the only difference that there you have many sports, while here you have only with several categories (there is a partnership with the football tournament Gallini Cup in the same days).

I think that this is an important part of the tournament, it’s not just about the game. It’s something that put people together, in common with all the participants. Here they can share their ideas and not only on sport side, because being an international tournament there are different Countries and cultures. I believe this melting pot is crucial.

Also, this tournament is not reserved to Pro players only. This is a youth tournament, so it gives everybody a chance, also from different team levels and personal ambitions, giving everybody the opportunity to play, regardless their future career.

I think that this is another significant part of the event, that has an historical value, because it’s running from many years (40) and has a fundamental importance. Many champions played at this tournament, so we can definitely say that this event has a crucial reputation.

Bu there is one thing in particular that I’d like to point out, a part from wishing all the best to the participants obviously, so that they can enjoy their best team and individual outcomes, this peculiar thing for which I’d really like to congratulate, is the organisation.

I believe that it takes a considerable amount of energy, but this is well paid off from the great enthusiasm that you can see on the teams, the staff and all the people that take part to it.”

Interview to Angelo Frigoni, coach of Italy U21 FIVB World Champion in 2021 (Pordenone, 2019)


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