Four years after winning the Cornacchia World Cup, the Russian middle-hitter become European Champion.

Not only Vlasov though, 12 athletes from the European Championship have played in Pordenone.

Ilia Vlasov against Sweden in the 2013 Cornacchia World Cup final. 

The Cornacchia World Cup stars could be two dream teams of this Euro2017.

The Italian National team is the one that have seen more players at the International tournament in Pordenone: Vettori, Lanza, Balaso, Sabbi, Giannelli e Spirito.

Some of them have played at Cornacchia World Cup against the Netherlands of: Keemink and Van De Kamp, that also have taken part at this European Championship.

Bulgaria instead have played with Georgi Bratoev (in Pordenone have played both Bratoev brothers), while Slovenia with Stern T. and Kozamernik.


Congratulation to all this great champions, that with their success confirm again the high technical level of the International Tournament of Pordenone “Cornacchia World Cup”.

The Russia of Vlasov champion at the Cornacchia World Cup 2013

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